Demystifying The Top Four Misconceptions About Professional XPEL PPF Installation

Whether you drive a luxury SUV or sports car, keeping your vehicle looking new and in pristine condition is essential. However, the paint on your car may get scrapes, oxidation, and scratches even with the best preventive maintenance. The fact that such paint damages on automobiles are inevitable makes the need to install protection films indispensable. Unfortunately, many people have different views that mislead them every time they need such services for their cars. The rest of the post aims at demystifying the top four common misconceptions about XPEL PPF installation.

XPEL May Compromise the Paintwork

One of the most popular misconceptions that make vehicle owners dread paint protection films is that the protection can damage the paints on the cars. The proponents of this notion fail to understand that the protective film shields the cars from any damage on the surface. As certified XPEL installers, we install the film with the right tools and technology to ensure nothing goes wrong with your car. We also use the same precision when removing the wraps for a replacement to leave the paint intact and shiny.

You only Install XPEL if You Drive Off-Road

Some people fail to enjoy the benefits of expert PPF installation as they believe it is only necessary for off-road vehicles. They may feel comfortable without the protective films as they rarely use their cars on rough roads. However, the truth is that paint protection films are suitable for any vehicle without exclusion. We advise you to visit our PPF shop in Waldorf MD to get the most suitable brand for your cars and protect your valuable investments today.

The Protection Films Turn Yellow after Some Time

The question of the probability of color change after PPF installation is common among many people. However, it is an outdated notion that could have been true for the early vehicle wraps but not today. The manufacturers make modern films from thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) using advanced industrial techniques to withstand any elements and environmental impacts. The invention of XPEL models has brought unparalleled confidence to car owners due to the protection it offers. Investing in quality PPFs will relieve you of any worries about color distortion.

PPF and Waxing

This other misconception propels the claim that you cannot wax your car after installing PPFs. Those who admit such a myth believe that it will be hard to maintain any vehicle with a protective film, but this is never true. They may be confusing quality PPFs with the convention vinyl car wraps that make automobiles look metallic, chrome, or matte. In fact, it can be an excellent idea to wax your car regularly even after installing the films. However, quality XPEL films offer exceptional protection that reduces the need for regular waxing as they serve the same purpose as the ordinary waxing.