Four Main Films You Can Get From A Reputable Waldorf MD XPEL PPF Dealer

Acquiring your dream automobile requires heavy financial input and sacrifice to keep it in good condition. In addition, vehicle owners invest significantly to protect the paint from scratches and any impact that may degrade its value. Luckily in a pool, Xpel paint protection films come as ideal solutions to those seeking a lasting solution to keep their vehicles looking for the longest time. One of the most outstanding aspects about Xpel products is that they have varying grades of protection to help you choose what suits your vehicle. The discussion below outlines the four main films you will likely get from any reputable Waldorf MD XPEL PPF Dealer.


Xpel Ultimate paint protection films are durable products you can get to protect for an extended period. The installers and manufacturers offer an extended warranty that runs up to about ten years against peeling, yellowing of surfaces, and cracks on the products. Vehicle owners hire certified PPF installer for this film as it has elastic features that enable it to stretch back to its original state after impact or scratches. It also heals to its appealing nature even after swirls on the surfaces.


Xtreme paint coat resembles the ultimate films but is relatively thinner with no texture. This protective film is almost invisible to the onlookers while offering excellent protection to your car. It remains our favorite choice that we recommend to car owners due to its low impact on the aesthetic appeal of the cars. Also, it comes with an extended warranty of about seven years on yellowing, scratches, and cracks.


The stealth protective films give car owners an affordable paint protection film installation to shield their automobiles from external impacts. We highly encourage you to pick this model when you want a cost-effective way to improve the image of your vehicle and give it an aggressive status. Our stealth paint protection kits have a matte finish that gives your car an excellent look and guaranteed protection.


This protective film offers a suitable shield to protect the paint in any off-road vehicle used on uneven terrains. It has a rugged appeal that is visible to the naked eye, which may make it unsuitable for your saloon cars. However, we install it as the film of choice for your off-road experience as it protects the car against thick dirt and gravel as you traverse various harsh terrains. Furthermore, it ensures you travel on any rough road without getting any road rash on your part.