Top Maintenance Practices To Observe After A Successful XPEL Paint Protection Film Installation

Acquiring a vehicle is a dream of nearly every individual in the modern world. A vehicle comes with a wide range of benefits and elevates your social status in the community. The investment does not end at the purchase as car owners allocate additional resources to maintain the vehicles. Regular car detailing and XPEL paint protective films are some of the practices they undertake to service the automobiles. However, they still need to take care of the vehicle to maintain the quality of the protective coat after the installation. The discussion below outlines the maintenance tips you need to observe after a successful XPEL Paint Protection Film Installation.

Avoid Touching the Film after Installation

Avoid interfering with the protective films as they may take some time to settle and cure. Some take up to two days to cure. A reliable Car Paint Protection Film installer will advise you to try to avoid any superficial contact with the vehicle up to about one week after the installation. Some bubbling may appear in the surface but they disappear soon after curing. Remember low temperatures and increased humidity can derail the curing process.

Avoid Washing the Car Immediately

Engaging the car in heavy activities can interfere with the curing process. Washing the car before the film settles and cures can wipe out all the benefits. We highly recommend that you also avoid using your car until the coat cures. If you must use the automobile, ensure you do not put excessive pressure on the coating.

Invest in Quality Cleaning Products

Low quality cleaning products may contain corrosive chemicals that can damage the court that we install for you. Ensure you use the products we recommend for your car as the XPEL coats are compatible with specific products. We also advise you on the quality of microfibers to use on your car to avoid damaging this coat after your visit to a XPEL PPF dealer.

Follow Expert Cleaning Guide

Reduce your visits to pressure washing experts to avoid compromising the integrity of installed vehicle protective films. Take the vehicle for pressure washing only when it is unavoidable and avoid washing around the edges of protection films. Use a dry microfiber towel to clear any dirt and droppings soon as you notice them to prevent permanent stains.