How XPEL Paint Protection Film Installers Protect Your Car

How XPEL paint protection film installers protect your car is not a mystery. While using the industry leading brand XPEL, we are dedicated to quality. There’s nothing worse than maintaining the exterior of your car only to find scratch or swirl marks. The scratches have damaged the paint. In addition, paint deterioration is a leading cause of a vehicle’s rapid depreciation. However, there is a way to protect your car’s body without the hassle of car covers. As XPEL paint protection film installers, we give you valuable reasons to invest in a quality range of protective films. Clear films are designed to prevent stones, sunlight, and sand from scratching and fading the bodywork. Metallic finishes are particularly susceptible to weather damage and vehicle colors. In particular, black and red, tend to make fine scratches and damages more prominent. By entrusting paint protection film installation to our experienced team, we offer clear coats to prevent costly damage to your vehicle. We offer films for all makes and models, whether a modern vehicle or a classic car. Our clear products are popular options for our clients because it adds an attractive shine to the exterior while protecting the paint against fade, scuffs, and scrapes. Each product is customized to your vehicle’s specifications guaranteeing a seamless and smooth finish.


Vega Motorsport

At Vega Motorsport, we proudly provide XPEL PPF in Maryland which is a durable urethane film that is weather resistant and prevents abrasions. It will not damage the original bodywork of the car and is covered by our quality guarantee. Along with our protective films, we offer services of detailing, window tinting, and the installation of car alarms. When you notice scuffs and scratches, taking your vehicle to an auto repair shop is time-consuming and expensive. You can prevent this type of damage by investing in our range of films to protect the exteriors of all types of vehicles. Speak to us if you are interested in keeping the condition of your assets in excellent condition using our exclusive products.