Four Important Things You Have To Do After Visiting A Window Tint Shop In Waldorf MD

Whatever you do in the initial few days after installation is crucial in determining how the window tints in your car appear for the rest of the time. We ensure that every tinted film we install on your car will always prove clean and durable. However, tints are prone to damages when their adhesives dry such that a slight mistake can destroy an otherwise excellent application. Luckily, the discussion below outlines the key things you can do after visiting our Window tint shop in Waldorf MD.

Be patient with bubbles on the window tint

Every person who lived through the 80s knows how people dreaded the air bubble that cheap window tints trapped after installation. However, the bubbles you may see with modern tints result from moisture and evaporate after some days as the tints cure. The time that the bubbles stay on the films varies depending on the climate; they disappear after a week on average. We highly discourage any attempts to work on your tints to eliminate the bubbles, as you may interfere with the curing process.

Skip the Car Wash

Many customers ask us when they can wash their cars after the tint installation process. The good news is that we apply the tints on the inside of the car such that driving through dirt and mud will not threaten you in any way. However, washing the windows after a short period from the installation time may interfere with the drying process.

Allow the Tint to Dry

It takes patience, but many vehicle owners want to do everything to let their tinted windows dry before engaging in anything that could damage it. Cermaic Window Tiint cure faster in sunny areas and hot seasons like summer than in cold period. The curing process may take longer in rainy days and winter, extending your wait. Luckily, we guide you on a few hacks you can utilize to facilitate the curing process after our free detail with ceramic tint. For instance, you may park the car in direct sunlight on sunny days and park inside the garage on rainy or calm days to speed up the drying process.

Avoid rolling down the windows after tinting

You may turn up the music and enjoy while driving but avoid rolling down the windows immediately after we install the tints. Give the film enough time to cure and proceed with regular car usage when you are sure the tinted windows will remain in shape. We recommend leaving the windows rolled up as you leave with your newly tinted ride. However, you can roll them down after a few days when the curing is over, and the tints are in good shape.